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Blending. Consulting. Manufacturing.

Custom Treatment Solutions Tailored to Fit Your Needs.

"Where the world's best come together to do their greatest work in order to reduce our customer's environmental footprint and ensure global sustainability."

About Us

W3 Technologies is a privately held company, a leader in proprietary BioFusion Technologies.  We are a full service Biological and Chemical Manufacturing Company, specializing in chemical manufacturing for the water treatment industry. W3T's manufacturing facilities are Zero Discharge facilities, with no violations, zero OSHA reportable or lost-time accidents. Through our BioFusion Technologies, we are helping our customers decrease their environmental footprint. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the very best solutions to our customers, while providing world class customer support.  

Industries Served

    - Soil Amendments
    - Crop Health / Disease Resistance
    - Stalk Degradation
    - Reducing Inputs

Industrial Process Water
    - Custom Treatment Solutions
    - Defoamer Applications

Industrial Wastewater
    - Food & Beverage
    - Metal Working / Plating
    - Oily Waste Remediation
    - Odor Control
    - Landfill Leachate Waste
    - Dewatering Processes
    - Defoamer Applications
    - Biological Nutrient Programs

Municipal Wastewater
    - Collection Systems Products
         (Odor Control, H2S)
    - Coagulants

    - Dewatering Polymers
    - Odor Control

    - Biological Defoamers
    - Custom Biological Products
    - Biological Nutrient Programs
    - Biological Sludge Remediation

Ponds/Lakes/Streams/Shoreline Treatment
    - Sludge / Muck Remediation
    - Water Column Clarification

Manufacturing Capabilities

- Zero Discharge Manufacturing Facilities
- Innovative Technology
- BioFusion Technology Leader
- Environmentally Safe Products
- Use of pH-neutral, non-hazardous and non-
flammable BioFusion Technologies where possible.
- Private Labeling

Consulting Capabilities

- Sustainable Process Solutions
- Custom-designed water solutions for municipal wastewater, industrial wastewater, and agricultural applications.
- Water conservation, recycle and reuse programs.
- Site-specific projects designed to help reduce your       Environmental Footprint, Human Risk and Exposure and   Equipment Degradation and Replacement, while at the     same time increasing your sustainability and environmental stewardship.
- Corporate Laboratory
- Mobile Laboratory
- Licensed Operators on Staff

Contact Information

W3 Technologies
PO Box 421
Columbia City, IN 46725

Front Office Team

For product inquiries or technical questions, please contact our Front Office Team.

Phone:  260.248.7893

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